You never had to ask him what he was going to do that day. Everyone knew that he was going to play baseball. If his friends

were not home that day, that didn't stop him. He was the only kid we knew who could play an entire Chicago White Sox

 baseball game. He could say the entire game from start to finish. That included the starting line up, first pitch, seventh inning

 stretch, evertything. Our family had season tickets to the White Sox games and Tommy loved to go to every game he could.

He became friends with one of the bullpin coaches, Mansoo Lee. Every game, Mansoo would call Tommy down from the

 stands and give him a baseball.


Tommy had 3 sisters who loved him very much. His personality lit up the room, and as you can see in
the picture, he always had his baseball gear in hand.

 Tommy was the happiest boy,who loved to read, and most of all loved baseball. He always cared about other people. He loved his

 family and all of his friends.

On May 8, 2005, Mothers Day, we lost our Tommy who was 8 years old.

 Tommy died in an accident in our family van.

After Tommy died, our family had support from family and friends during this difficult time. After the funeral we

felt we needed to spend some time alone, as a family with our three daughters, whom are 15, 12, and 5 years

old.  A family member offered us the use of their house on a lake. That proved to be the best thing for our family.

We were able to talk and just be together. We were able to share our feelings and begin our forever changed

lives together. As time passed, we thought about the opportunity we had to get away and how it has helped our family in the

healing process. Our thoughts turned to other families going through a similar experience, and how great it

would be if we could give them the same opportunity we were given. During this process we also learned that

there are few resources out there for families who lose a child or parent. We decided that we should help

families who are experiencing these same emotions, and to help them get through similar situations. By

helping other people we are helping ourselves. We are turning something tragic into something better. What is

better than helping others?

The Healing Homes Foundation was founded in July 2005

The house logo was a drawing made by Tommy. Tommy made a drawing of our family home.
After he passed away we found this drawing and new it was the perfect logo for the foundation in his name.

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